When you buy a chair from The Huge Chair Company you are buying a spectacle, and you are buying FUN! Nowadays, everything cool ends up on social media within seconds of it being unveiled to the public. At Huge Chair, we will design an enormous, spectacular chair that will stop people in their tracks while they reach for their phone to take a photo for Instagram sitting on it.

We promise to provide your company with a unique chair that will improve the overall image of your organization, cause, or event. Our designs are not only satisfying to the artists’ eyes, but are all durable and made to last. When you use our chairs at an office or event, you are giving everyone who sees it something to talk about for a long time. Each chair is personally designed, built with custom colors and a logo of your choice. A Huge Chair product could be the most unique and memorable piece of physical marketing material there is!

A huge chair is a perfect addition to any event that will keep your guests or visitors talking. A Huge Chair would be great at:

  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Family parties
  • Office outings/events
  • The office
  • Community events
  • Weddings, Birthdays, or Religious celebrations